How It Works

(Available by itself)

Whether you have an unpermitted conversion that you need legalized or you want to start from scratch, the experts at YimbyLA! can help.  Our team will come to your home to meet with you and view your property.  We’ll then photograph, measure, research, and analyze your individual property and present you with a detailed written plan explaining exactly what you can do and how to do it.  As anyone who’s ever been to a Building & Safety office can tell you, they are filled with much confusion and misinformation and being armed with the right information, will get you what you want and need!

(Must be combined with Phase 1)

Don’t want the hassle of dealing with getting a permit?  Need creative design options?  Relax!  YimbyLA! can handle it all.  Our team of individually contracted licensed professionals, from architects and structural engineers to site surveyors and energy and soil analysts are here to help.  YimbyLA!’s creative design team will prepare all of the plans and documents necessary to help you create your ADU, and YimbyLA! will handle the entire permitting process!

(Must be combined with Phases 1 & 2)

Hate the thought of having to find a contractor?  YimbyLA! has partnered with seasoned and RELIABLE licensed builders who can make your ADU dream come to life!

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